‘Should I Stay or Should I Go?’ To Renovate or To Move


Remodeling Tips



After you live in one place for a long time, it’s inevitable that you may desire a bit of a change. Sometimes a space just no longer works for you anymore. You may have had kids, or maybe your kids have grown up. After years of hard work, perhaps you can finally afford to buy your dream home. No matter the reason, it’s tempting to simply pack up and move to a new place. But you have other options.

When To Remodel Your Home

Home remodeling services are a great way to spruce up your space or even completely transform it. Although you may not think it’s possible to make your current space more livable, it’s absolutely achievable. In fact, 35% of home renovations include the entire home. But if you’re trying to choose between home remodeling or purchasing a new home, a standard bathroom or kitchen remodeling project just won’t do.

So how do you know when to remodel your home? Here are a few tips to get you started:


  1. If your kitchen space is cramped, try having a wall or two taken down. Dividing walls between kitchen, dining, and living areas can make a home seem and feel smaller than it really is. Once you’ve freed up more space, you have more opportunities to move appliances around. Instead of having a single countertop along the kitchen wall that aligns with your oven, sink, dishwasher, microwave, and other appliance, add an island. You can use the island as counter space, storage, or even put your dishwasher or oven beneath it.


  1. Revamp and furnish your basement to give your family some extra living space. Especially as children grow older, they want to have their own separate space to host friends and hang out. Giving them a space to call their own may make you feel less on top of each other. Depending on how your basement is laid out, you could also dedicate some space to a home gym, home office, or a new laundry area to maximize the space that you already have.


  1. If your home is simply just too small, then consider putting on an addition. With this space, you can practically do whatever you want. The addition could be both upstairs and downstairs, so you can extend the living area, add another master bathroom or bedroom, or just add a sunroom to enjoy the backyard views.

Once you’ve decided to stay put and remodel your home, give Gabor Design Build a call and start designing the home you’ve always wanted. If you’re wondering when to remodel your home, the answer might be “right now.”