Initial Contact



The first time you talk with Gabor Design Build, whether it be over the phone or in person we talk about your project in general terms. You let us know what you’re looking for and we ask some questions to get a feel for what the project entails. We also schedule a time for someone from our team to come out to your house and take a look at the space.


First Meeting


GDB comes to your house to view the project space. We’re going to ask you A LOT of questions. Things you may have never thought about pertaining to how you envision using that space. If it’s a kitchen, do you like to bake or are you more interested in just having an entertaining space? What sort of power do you have in that space? The list goes on. We do this for a couple of reasons: one is to get you really thinking up front about what you want out of your space. The second is to be able to accurately quote the project for you, which results in fewer change orders down the road.


Preliminary Scope of Work

GDB will email you a Preliminary Scope of Work with a ballpark estimate. This is meant to be a qualifying gut-check. This is where you can come back with changes and questions. We try to be totally transparent and want you to know there are no dumb questions!

Design Contract


GDB’s CAD Architects put together drawings of the project. This phase gets into the nuts and bolts of what the project will be. GDB comes out to the job site to do our own measuring and creates the detailed drawings off of those measurements. There is a fee associated with the drawings due to the amount of work that goes into them.



4-6 weeks before the¬†project “groundbreaking” it’s time to pick out all the things you will see and touch in your space. GDB has two Designers in-house¬†to help you make all of your selections from backsplash to flooring in our 5,800 SQ FT Showroom. You’ll get to open and close cabinet doors, feel different countertops, and see what LVT (luxury vinyl tile) feels like compared to hardwood underfoot.

We do this ahead of the Project Management phase so that we can order and receive all product at our warehouse. Each project gets a designated bay in our warehouse which helps keep the project on schedule.


Pre-construction Walk-through


This is where you get to meet your dedicated GDB Project Manager. They are your go-to person over the course of the entire project. They will walk through the project space and ask you questions, including where you would like the dumpster to go and what door you’d like crews entering and exiting from. This is the last stop before the project gets underway.

Project Management

It’s time to put the plan into action and pull permits. Your Project Manager visits the job site daily. At the end of each week, your Project Manager will recap the work that was completed as well as give you a forecast for the upcoming week. GDB Designers and Project Managers work hand-in-hand with our field crew and sub-contractors throughout to make sure the remodeling process is not a headache for you.

Each project gets a Jobsite Binder which lives on the job. This holds the contract, drawings, and all your selections. This is the job’s Bible and helps to organize our field crew as well as any sub-contractors that touch the project.



As the project winds down the Project Manager will create a punch-list which addresses any fine-tuning the project still needs (ie. outlet covers, sealing grout, etc). The space is liveable at this point and nearing the end.

GDB now requests final payment and schedules a professional cleaning service to ready the space for you. After the project is complete, a GDB team member will follow-up with you on your overall thoughts on the project as well as schedule a time to take pictures.