Nathan Gabor

His G A B O R D E S I G N Story

GOALS: Since the year 2000, Nathan Gabor has built Gabor Design Build from a one person remodeling company to one of Milwaukee’s finest North Shore Design Build / Remodeling firms. His goal is to keep achieving this level of quality that his clients have come to expect.
ARCHITECTURE: Nathan likes everything OLD. All styles are interesting and each have unique qualities that make them fun to work with. Working within different styles of architecture is very appealing where one style can be confining.
BACKGROUND: Nathan’s background includes growing up in rural Wisconsin’s agricultural community. He then attended UW-Milwaukee, receiving a Bachelor Degree of Science in Architecture. After graduation, Nathan worked one year for Eppstein-Uhen Architects and one year for Winters Design Group before starting his own firm.
OBJECTIVE: Nathan’s objective is to strive to maintain the highest level of professionalism and quality with each and every client. This is why he personally manages every project from conception to completion.
RELAXATION: Cooking with his wife Eunice is the most relaxing activity Nathan enjoys by far, although playing with his children takes a close second.
DESIRE: Nathan’s desire to create on different design pallets is refreshing and always new. Home remodeling satisfies that aspect of Nathan’s career as a Design Builder.
ENJOYMENT: Nathan enjoys long road trips with his wife, Eunice and their seven children, biking, water skiing, hiking, hunting, fishing and attending a play, musical or movie with Eunice. Europe is Nathan’s favorite place in the world. The ancient architecture is fascinating and full of life and mystery.
STYLE: Nathan feels that each design style has its own beauty as well as challenges. American architecture from the late 1800’s to 1930’ is the most inspirational style to work with. The architecture has to be created with scale, pattern, proportion, texture, light and space rather than just ornaments. However, all genres of design styles are inspiring and interesting.
INSPIRATION: Since childhood, rebuilding and fixing broken objects and restoring old objects to new, fascinated Nathan’s mind and inspired the desire to enter the field of architecture. This inspiration led to Design Build Home Remodeling.
GRATITUDE: Nathan donates to his local church and other local charities. This is a very satisfying form of gratitude for him because he can be involved with the charities personally.
NOURISHMENT: Food is like designing architecture to Nathan, the more variety the better! He loves to cook together with his wife, Eunice. Indian, French and English cuisine are among their favorites. Their favorite restaurants in the North Shore are The Cheese Cake Factory and all the Balistreri chain of restaurants.