With home improvement stores in the United States making over $144 billion — and helping homeowners to remodel the 85% of homes built before 1980 — you may be thinking of remodeling your own home. You are not alone. Considering that 35% of remodeling jobs comprise the entire home, here are some things you may want to avoid during the renovation process.

Don’t delay on decisions
In order for a home remodeling to go as smoothly as possible, decisions may sometimes have to be made without much hesitation. A good contractor will keep you updated on all stages of the remodel, but decisions like paint, trim, and faucet selection can delay work more than necessary.

Don’t change your mind too often
Once you have made your decision on one of the details of remodeling, try to stick with your choice. Constant changes can delay your project even more, and cost additional time and money. Even the most minor of changes can set the project back.

Don’t buy your own materials
While it may seem like a good idea, it is best to let the remodeling company buy the necessary materials for your project. This is because the builder may be able to get a better price, even after the markup.

Don’t work without a contingency plan
One of the best home remodeling tips is to have a contingency budget and plan set in place before anything begins. This is to prepare for any surprises or unexpected delays that could happen once the renovation begins. Having a separate budget just for these types of things will keep you on track with your original budget, and potentially save you money down the line.

Don’t live in the home during remodeling
Most homeowners choose to ignore this rule and it is understandable why. Since home remodeling is already expensive, why add to the cost by paying for accommodations when you can occupy a small section of the house until the project is done? Yet living in a construction zone can be taxing for the whole family. If you are unable to move while the work is being done, schedule time to get away from the home and relax in a clean, noise-free environment in the meantime.

Don’t be a distraction
It is understandable that you may have questions or concerns regarding your remodeling ideas and remodeling services. You must keep in mind, however, that the more time a contractor or someone else involved in your home remodeling spends talking to you, the less time they have to work on your home. Only disturb someone when it is necessary, so that you don’t waste their time or your money.

While home additions and remodeling projects can be stressful, there are things you can do to reduce the hassle that comes with taking on a big project. Don’t delay decisions, stick to your decisions once they’ve been made, always have a contingency plan, try not to live in the home during the renovations, and try not to distract those working on your home too much. Doing so will help to make your project move along as it should and get you closer to enjoying your new home.

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