Whether you are improving your home to increase its value for resale or sprucing it up to improve your quality of life, chances are, it’s time that your home got a new look. In fact, around 85% of homes built in the U.S. were made before 1980, meaning they need renovations.

While an additional bathroom can add an average 86.4% return on investment on a home, 35% of homeowners choose to remodel their entire home. For those who have been inspired by countless home remodeling ideas around them, here are some helpful tips for saving money during your renovation.

Improve efficiency, not size
You may not need to knock out more walls than necessary to maximize the space in areas of your home. Sometimes, simple home remodeling ideas like rearranging the furniture and appliances you already have can make a world of difference. If you do need to add things, make your storage items big and ceiling to floor length with hidden cabinets and drawers. This looks better on the eyes and hides what you don’t want seen.

Use natural light without adding windows
Natural light can save money on utility bills. While adding an extra window or two may seem like a great idea to let more light into your home, it may not always be the most cost-effective solution. To brighten up a windowless bathroom or hallway, install light tubes between roof rafters instead. This will allow sunshine into the living space and create a brighter space as well as save you money.

Visit a recycling center
For those who are big into home remodeling and doing their own projects, visiting a local recycling center may be the best place for finding lightly used or recycled materials for your remodel. Salvaged materials can often times cost less than half what they would at retail value and work just as well with some love and care. One thing to note is that some contractors will not work with salvaged items for liability reasons, so check with your contractors before you go scavenging.

Do your own demo
While tearing something down does not cost as much as building something, it still costs. To save yourself money, you can perform some of the demolition work on your own. If you do choose to go with this method, be sure that you proceed with caution to prevent damaging something important. Many professionals recommend leaving interior demolition to the contractors, as you could potentially knock out a load–bearing wall or something worse.

From magazines to TV shows and internet blogs, home remodeling ideas abound, and you are sure to find something to catch your eye and inspire your own renovation. Before hiring a home remodeling company for your remodeling services, start with a consultation.

Let the contractor know your ideas for improving efficiency and not the size of certain spaces, using natural light without cutting out new windows, visiting a recycling center for salvaged materials, and participating in demolition to save money. You could end up with more money to enhance other areas of your home.