You are in the home stretch now! You have your construction plans, you know your budget, you have chosen a contractor and signed all the paperwork. You’ve made the big decision to move forward with your home remodel. How do ensure you and your family will survive the next few months of chaos?


ASK, ASK, ASK – Like Gabor Design Build, a good contractor is there to guide you and your project throughout the entire process, so ask questions along the way. A credible professional will always welcome your questions and this will allow them to do their job and help the project run as efficiently as possible.

AVOID DELAYS – Delays on a project can increase the cost due to the additional time needed. The secret is to select and order as much of the materials or products prior to starting the construction portion to avoid delays. Another way to avoid delays and additional costs is to be flexible and willing to give up something along the way, if needed.

GET OUT IF YOU CAN – If the opportunity to move out temporarily is possible, then it is highly recommended. Typically, moving out is not an option, so please be prepared to temporarily live with dirt, dust, noise and a lot of people in and out of your home. Even our most careful and courteous workers will still make a mess during demolition and construction – it can always be controlled, but never avoided.

IT’S JUST A PHASE – Request the project to be done in phases to section off areas for living in, while other areas are being worked on. These areas can be taped off with plastic barriers to help keep the floating debris at a minimum.

CHANGE HAPPENS – Adding onto the project is very easy to do while the construction company is there. After making progress on the project, your wanting to add services or items can begin to occur. Credible contractors, like Gabor Design Build, will provide change orders referencing your original contract for your approval BEFORE the change occurs.

GOTTA HAVE GOALS – Keep your goals in sight and request timelines at the start of and during your project to help with charting the progress and to keep you focused on the gorgeous end result your waiting for.

YOU’VE MADE IT – The final punch list provides the end of the project to do list, which means – the end is near! Congratulations! Sit back, relax and enjoy your new space – you worked hard – you deserve it!

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