Home remodeling can be an absolute nightmare if you are not prepared or if you hire someone that lacks knowledge and experience. From time to time we will be putting together insider tips and suggestions in our blogs to help folks get off on the right foot…


STEP #1 – Do An Assessment
MAKE A LIST – List all of the issues that need to be addressed on paper, on a smart phone, a Word document, or a piece of cardboard – doesn’t matter – just get it out of your head and onto something you can see!
PRIORITIZE – Now take that list and prioritize it into two (2) columns. The items that are absolutely necessary (NEEDS) go on the left and your perfect world, dreamy wish list items (WANTS) go on the right, in descending order of importance.
DON’T FORGET – Make sure that all family members are included in the list making process. You should also include items that seem out of reach. These are important in the planning strategy, even for an item or room that may not be implemented until later.
GET IDEAS! – Cut out pictures in design magazines, bookmark websites, take pictures of things you like, go to home improvement expo’s or tag along with a friend that is looking to buy a new home and visit open houses for sale. In these competitive markets, more and more Realtor’s are using Interior Designers to stage houses to make them more appealing to the homebuyer. What a wonderful and FREE way to get design ideas!


STEP #2 – Figure Out Your Budget
HOW MUCH IS IT? Establish your budget by researching the items you need online or in a store, to help you understand what things cost.
NO SURPRISES – It’s important to include design fees, taxes, shipping, expediting and delivery in addition to all of the labor and material costs at the start of the project so that these costs are all accounted for.
SHARE YOUR BUDGET – You are not giving away a deep dark secret here, the project will cost what it will cost. It is best for all parties to be on the same page. The most successful projects have been those in which clients shared their budget with us. This will prevent “over designing” and dragging out the design and bidding process.
EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED – A remodel project can, and typically will, encounter unexpected surprises as a result of demolishing the interior and opening up walls, it’s important to set aside a contingency fund to be prepared for anything unexpected.


STEP #3 – Design Meetings & Estimates
Present Your Ideas – Gather all your ideas together and present them – don’t be shy here. Every great room or home started with an idea and this will help us know what you want. We are in business to help make your home design dreams come to life!
ASK FOR OPTIONS – Adding items during the construction process might cost far less than you think. Gabor Design Build will provide multiple bid options for the construction portion, based on your scope of work.
DON’T OPTION EVERYTHING – Do not ask for the entire bid to be options. This will ultimately drive up the cost of your project, because most items can be done more efficiently if done during construction. If we are itemizing everything as options, we will need to increase the cost of each item to cover ourselves. It is best to curtain portions.

DISCUSS MONEY! – It’s OK to ask for a “ballpark” figure. Yes, we may be way off, but not so much that you won’t have a good feel for the cost. If the ballpark is much higher than you thought, don’t get discouraged or upset. Discuss why and continue to ask for ideas. You may not use us, but you might receive some very useful information – for FREE!


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